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Adaptec Uw-scsi Pci AHA2940UW AHA-2940UW

Uw-scsi Pci AHA2940UW AHA-2940UW5 Star Rating
Uwscsi Pci AHA2940UW AHA2940UW
A Adaptec Uw-scsi Pci AHA2940UW AHA-2940UW Will Help Make Your Pc Really Feel Completely New

Often you will get more affordable prices by ordering on the Internet than you might in real shops. The Uw-scsi Pci AHA2940UW AHA-2940UW by Adaptec is a great solution should you looking to buy a brand new SCSI controller card. The SCSI card has a weight of 2 lbs. AHA2940UW is the product number for this quality item.

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Price: $18.40

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