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Io Crest SY-PCI50029 Pci Multi I/o Combo 2-SERIAL And 1-PARALLEL Port Pci Card

SYPCI50029 Pci Multi Io Combo 2SERIAL

IO Crest

Package Quantity: 1

SYPCI50029 Pci Multi Io Combo 2SERIAL manufactured by Io Crest is a wonderful means by which to help your computer efficiency. The SY-PCI50029 Pci Multi is definitely a type of good quality SCSI controller card you can buy on the web. For anybody who is thinking of buying a SCSI card, you have come to the right place. Our company offers you special bargains with this SCSI controller card with secure purchase. Among the many major features is the i/o crest sy-pci50029 parallel serial pci controller card general features: 32-bit pci interface. The SCSI card dimensions are 7" Height x 5.5" Length x 1.5" Width. Shop for the sy-pci50029 pci multi. We want you to get the best price when purchasing a SCSI controller card, please visit the button.

IOC835 Chipset. Two DB9 serial port connectors Supports PCI IRQ sharing-saves important resources for other expansion card. Supports more than one specific particular card into system. One DB25 parallel port connector. 1. Support 32-bit PCI Bus, PCI Specification 2. Easy Plug and installation automatically selects IRQ and I/O address. Does not support legacy address re-mapping.


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