SCSI Port Cards

Supermicro RSC-R1UU-2E8 1U Left 2-SLOT Pci-express X8 Riser Card

RSCR1UU2E8 1U Left 2SLOT Pciexpress


It's well known how fantastic and convenient it can be purchasing online. The RSC-R1UU-2E8 1U Left 2-SLOT Pci-express is a wonderful SCSI controller card. I certainly loved that it has the feature of cooler master r4-lus-07ab-gp mega flow 200 blue led silent case fan. Additional features include output type: 2x pci-express x8 slots. and form factor: 1u. high quality. Lowest price RSC-R1UU-2E8 1U Left 2-SLOT Pci-express. To take advantage of the great deal I ran across, click on our store add to cart button below.


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