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Adaptec Asc 29160 - Storage Controller - 1 Channel - ULTRA160 Scsi - 160 Mbps - Pci 64

Asc 29160 Storage Controller 1 Channel


Package Quantity: 1

a Asc 29160 - Storage, a great item by Adaptec helps to make your computer or laptop be completely new. The features are one 50-pin for ultra scsi, one 68-pin for ultra wide scsi and one 68-pin hd for lvd scsi devices. It weighs approximately 1.76 lbs. There are lots of manufacturers which make electronics, with all those brands offering different selling prices. When you're picking out a SCSI controller card, look for an extended warranty. A little investigating goes quite a distance and with it you're able to with certainty select the stuff you want and also need. Purchasing a Asc 29160 Storage Controller 1 Channel.


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