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Acard AEC-7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi Bridge

Acard AEC-7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi4 Star Rating
Acard AEC7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi
Up Grade Your Entire Machine With A Acard AEC7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi

The Acard AEC-7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi Bridge made by Datastorageamp is a nice product for your computer. Acard AEC-7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi Bridge is an example of good quality item you can get out there. If you're looking to acquire a SCSI card, you've come to the right spot. We provide you special discounted rates just for this item with protected financial transaction. Barcode number 814354010055. One of the several features for this product is the ultra wide scsi interface for up to 40mb/sec data transfer rate, supports dma 66/100/133 hard drives. Shopping for Acard AEC-7720UW Ide To Ultra Wide Scsi Bridge.

acard ultra wide scsi bridge acard's

Price: $249.00
Brand: DataStorageAmp
Model: AEC-7720UW
UPC: 814354010055

Product Info

The ACARD's IDE to Ultra Wide SCSI bridge is dedicated conversion kit which converts the low cost / high performance ATA HD to high performance SCSI (Small Computer System Interface ). Because it supports IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) hard drives which might be very easily attached to SCSI bus. With ACARD micro-controller core built-in, it provides a lot more flexibility and stability for highly exploring application. The ACARD's IDE to SCSI bridge supports most platforms and/or Operation System such as Computer Windows? 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP, Linux and Mac platforms. The ACARD's IDE - SCSI bridge has no disk capacity limitation, user can install a 160 GB tough disk or even higher capacity inside the future.

Features List

  • A general purpose IDE to SCSI device converter, Higher system I/O performance.
  • Full Ultra Wide SCSI target features support
  • Ultra Wide SCSI interface for up to 40MB/sec data transfer rate, Supports DMA 66/100/133 hard drives
  • Creates new SCSI devices in economic cost.
  • Onboard flash ROM for easy firmware upgrade, Selectable SCS ID from 0 to 15

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