SCSI Port Cards

ASC-39160 Adaptec ASC-39160 Adaptec ASC-39160

ASC39160 ASC39160 ASC39160


Package Quantity: 1

Looking to purchase SCSI card? The ASC-39160 ASC-39160 is a brilliant SCSI card for the system! The SCSI controller card has got a weight of 2 lbs. Considering the actual features for the SCSI card you may need, besides the attributes and additional requirements, you can be assured that you get what you require and need. Why purchase options you don't need? Quite a few suppliers that produce SCSI cards, with those models offering different prices along with craftsmanship. When you find yourself getting a SCSI controller card, get a guarantee. A modest amount of research goes quite a distance and with this you'll be able to confidently buy stuff that you want. Shopping for ASC-39160 ASC-39160.


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