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Adaptec APD-29160N ULTRA160 Scsi Card Kit For Mac

APD29160N ULTRA160 Scsi Card Kit


Package Quantity: 1

Looking around for a SCSI controller card? Get the APD29160N ULTRA160 Scsi Card Kit manufactured by Adaptec. I definitely loved that the product had the feature of internal: 68-pin lvd ultra160, 50-pin standard. Other features include data transfer rate: up to 160 mb/sec. and type slot/interface: 32-bit pci. The bar code for this is 760884135686. Shopping for APD29160N ULTRA160 Scsi Card Kit. To see the bargain I found, visit our store add to shopping cart button on this page.

Adaptec's Power Domain 29160N accelerator delivers unrivaled Ultra160 SCSI performance for the Macintosh, while providing backwards compatibility with current SCSI devices. 1 Macintosh OS 9. x Mac OS X Server 10. x Mac OS X Server 10. Type Slot/Interface: 32-bit PCI. Internal: 68-pin LVD Ultra160, 50-pin Standard. Data Transfer Rate: Up to 160 MB/sec. Connector Style: External: 50-pin High-Density. x Mac OS X Server 10. 0. It's the ideal way for creative experts to accelerate system performance and take advantage of maximum configuration flexibility for publishing, design, multimedia, and also other data- and graphics-intensive applications. 0. 1. 6 Macintosh OS 9. 3. 0 Macintosh OS 9. 3 Macintosh OS 9. x Mac OS X 10. 2 Macintosh OS 9. Controller Primary Interface: Ultra160 SCSI LVD. 0. x Mac OS X 10. 2. 2. 4 Macintosh OS 9. x Mac OS X 10. 3. Supported Operating Systems: Macintosh OS 8. x. Misc: Connect as drastically as 15 SCSI peripherals with a single card. 2. 1.


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