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Adaptec 29320ALP-R Kit Lp Vhdci Scsi 64BIT 133MHZ Pcix U320 Raid Rohs

29320ALPR Kit Lp Vhdci Scsi 64BIT 133MHZ


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With the Internet, you can purchase different products through the comfort of your home. For those wishing to buy a SCSI card I have put together some good info. Look at the 29320ALP-R Kit Lp from Adaptec. It's dimensions are 2.75" Height x 11.5" Length x 7.62" Width. It has a weight of 1.5 lbs. Purchasing the 29320ALP-R Kit Lp, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

The Adaptec SCSI Card 29320ALP-R is a low-profile, 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X, single-channel Ultra320 SCSI card with integrated Host RAID optimized for rack-mount servers. In addition, the Adaptec 29320ALP-R offers new drivers for Host RAID, both Linux and Windows Server 2003, also because precisely the same browser-based management tool utilized by Adaptec RAID items. The Adaptec 29320ALP-R gives data protection at the fastest SCSI speeds available up to 320 MByte/sec, ideal for mainline storage, streaming video and audio, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. The Adaptec 29320ALP-R is really a low-cost RAID 0, 1 and 10 answer.


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