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29160LP Kit U160 Scsi Lp/std Univ Volt Pci 64BIT 1CH Vhdci Rohs

29160LP Kit U160 Scsi Lpstd Univ Volt


Package Quantity: 1

Are you looking to get hold of a SCSI controller card? The 29160LP Kit U160 Scsi makes a great item. The UPC, also known as the "Universal Product Code", for this is 760884150948. It's 3" Height x 11" Length x 8" Width and weighs close to 1.68 lbs. How to buy the 29160LP Kit U160 Scsi, select the link below.

Adaptec SCSI Card 29160LP conforms for the MD2 specification, optimal for thin rack-mount server environments. It includes a 68- pin VHDCI external connector for connections with LVD peripherals. This card provides an easy cable connection along with a second, regular-height bracket. The 29160LP supports a complete range of operating systems and enables the fastest possible data transfer rates to assist meet the demands of e-commerce engines, web servers, and databases.


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