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1CH U320 Scsi Pcix 64BIT 133MHZ Ex 1-VHDCI68 Int 1-HD68 Leadfree

1CH U320 Scsi Pcix 64BIT 133MHZ Ex 1-VHDCI685 Star Rating
1CH U320 Scsi Pcix 64BIT 133MHZ Ex 1VHDCI68
Upgrade Your Entire Laptop Or Desktop With The 1CH U320 Scsi Pcix 64BIT 133MHZ Ex 1-VHDCI68 Int 1-HD68 Leadfree

The 1CH U320 Scsi Pcix 64BIT 133MHZ Ex 1VHDCI68 a great SCSI card. The barcode or the International Article Number, for this is 0830343006045. A listing of feature attributes are scsi external channels - 1, weight - 1lb and scsi type support - u320scsi. The SCSI card dimensions are 6.25" Height x 2" Length x 10.5" Width. Check several brands if you fail to have one specially which you favor. Keep in mind extended warranties can be obtained, but they occur at a cost and they are many times unneeded. A little investigation should go a long way based on this it's possible to confidently choose the things which you want and need. While using the world-wide-web only one or two clicks of the mouse away it is easy to make as little or as much investigation on the merchandise that you are planning to get. It's so simple and easy and a little something well-worth the time. 1CH U320 Scsi Pcix 64BIT 133MHZ Ex 1VHDCI68.

scsi pcix leadfree logic single-channel host

Price: $145.00

Product Info

The LSI Logic LSI20320-R Ultra320 SCSI single-channel host adapter is the right choice for increasing storage performance inside servers and high-performance workstations. Designed to supply a dedicated connection to Ultra320 disk drives or storage enclosures, the LSI20320-R delivers sensational performance. This card also provides for increased reliability and performance with on-board Integrated RAID 0 (striping) , 1 (mirroring) , and 1E (enhanced mirroring ). With 320MB/s throughput and capability of as significantly as 50,000 I/Os per second, this adapter is ideal for quickly moving significant amounts of data. LSI Logic Integrated RAID is hardware-based and operating system independent resulting in exceptional performance without having requiring special drivers.

Features List

  • SCSI External Channels - 1
  • SCSI Internal Channels - 1
  • Weight - 1lb
  • SCSI Type Support - U320SCSI
  • Boot Option - N/A
  • Pack: 1
  • Format: CD
  • Software: Windows
  • Platform: Unix
  • Dimensions: Height: 6.25" Length: 2" Depth: 10.5"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.89" Length: 10.55" Width: 6.14"
  • Package: 0.44 lbs.

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