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Adaptec 1822100-R 19160 ULTRA160 1-CHANNEL Scsi Cable Kit

1822100-R 19160 ULTRA160 1-CHANNEL Scsi5 Star Rating
1822100R 19160 ULTRA160 1CHANNEL Scsi
Getting The 1822100-R 19160 ULTRA160

Improve system speed by adding the 1822100-R 19160 ULTRA160 1-CHANNEL Scsi. 760884135822 is the barcode (Universal Product Code) for this item. A list of features include scsi internal channels - 2, weight - 2. 65 lbs and scsi external channels - 1. The SCSI controller card has a weight of 1.85 lbs. Are you currently thinking about getting a SCSI controller card and you are simply looking for the very best value for this product? Or perhaps you want to find out the views of other customers before you purchase a SCSI controller card? In that case you are at the right spot. Getting the 1822100-R 19160 ULTRA160 1-CHANNEL Scsi, select the hyperlink below.

adaptec scsi cable connecting hard disk

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Brand: Adaptec
Model: 1822100-R
UPC: 760884135822

Features List

  • SCSI Type Support - U160SCSI
  • Weight - 2. 65 lbs
  • SCSI External Channels - 1
  • SCSI Internal Channels - 2
  • Pack: 1
  • Weight: 1.85 lbs.

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