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Ibm - Ibm 12J3094 Scsi Host Adapter

12J3094 Scsi Host Adapter5 Star Rating
12J3094 Scsi Host Adapter
12J3094 Scsi Host Is A Superb Device Show Off Exactly How Much Of A Pc Expert You Really Are

Looking around for a SCSI controller card? Get the 12J3094 Scsi Host Adapter manufactured by Ibm. The bar code for this is 102645988238. Shopping for 12J3094 Scsi Host Adapter. To see the bargain I found, visit our store add to shopping cart button on this page.

scsi host adapter ultra ideal pci-to-scsi

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The AHA-2940 Ultra host adapter could possibly be the ideal PCI-to-SCSI host adapter for entry-level servers and workstations. And it connects up to 7 SCSI devices for expanded storage capacity. It moves data fast - as a lot as 20 Mbytes/sec. In addition, the AHA-2940 Ultra adapter delivers unrivaled system and peripheral compatibility.

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